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Decorated Glass

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Research & Design | Decorating glass is the perfect way to customize a product and make it tie into a customer’s (i.e. retailer or B2B partner) ‘trend run’ or seasonal assortment. Once a creative brief has been given and requirements are known, virtual files are submitted for customer approval. Anchor Hocking’s graphic department stays abreast of trends in the marketplace, adds their creative twist, and creates great designs based on customer requirements.  

Color matching | For screen printing, Anchor Hocking uses the highest quality pigments which are lead-free and prop-65 compliant. With our vast experience, Anchor can easily match colors specifically or assist in the color-selection process. Anchor has the process capability to apply one to eight colors to the glass. 


Sampling | Projects that involve screen-decorating require approved artwork. The artwork is used to print films (or transparencies), and the films are then used to create screens. The screens are set up on our decorating machines, the paint is melted, and a squeegee pushes the paint through the screen onto the glass. In screen printing, one color is applied at a time and the product is then sent through the lehr (oven) to permanently bond the paint to the glass. An alternative to screen-decorating is spray-decorating. A sprayed-product is sent through a machine where the opaque, frost, or transparent finish is misted onto the glass prior to going through the lehr (oven). 


Production | Our automated high-speed decorating machines are designed to handle multiple colors for high-volume production. Each piece of glass is automatically loaded onto the machine where the glass is then rotated and color is applied. The glass is then sent through the lehr (oven), quality inspected, and packed for shipment.