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Package Design

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Research | Anchor Hocking has been developing, creating, and enhancing packaging design for the past 100 years, which means we have a wealth of knowledge and recommendations when it comes to packing up glass. Our packaging engineers and purchasing team stay on top of new trends and more efficient packaging designs as they are introduced into the market. We are constantly looking for ways to reduce the amount of corrugate in our packaging. The goal is to be more environmentally friendly and reduce packaging cost while maintaining our high standards of packaging integrity. 


Ideation | With new projects, we like to get an understanding of how the product will be merchandised and what the end use will be. For example, we like to know if the product is meant as an everyday piece that will remain in the cupboard or a seasonal piece that requires a sturdy box and lid for storing the glass throughout the off-seasons. Additional questions we may ask is if the product will be given away as a gift and require more elaborate packaging versus using a 100% recyclable Kraft box.  If the glass has a particular visual appeal, Anchor will design a sleeve or shrink-band to keep the product together while allowing the customer to see and touch the product on the shelf. 


Design & Layout | Once the artistic and functional direction of how the packaging should look and fit the glass is established, our engineers design the core structure. Next, our graphics and marketing departments collaborate on packaging design and layout of artwork. Branding, item description, quantity, and translations are the main focus in regards to text layout. Photography direction depends largely on the customer and merchandise goal, but can range from simple and clean with the glass, a small prop, and white background to an elegant table setting with soft lighting. 


Proofing | The final stage of package design is proofing the file before it goes to press. For customer-specific items, we provide color drawdowns and a final file for customer sign-off. We confirm the descriptions are accurate and translated, the item numbers and barcodes are correct, and the artwork is clear, crisp, and ready to print.