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Product Design

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Research | By researching and taking a close up look at trends globally we are able to bring our clients a regularly updated trend report, complete with projections for what colors, styles, and shapes will be in high demand. We keep ourselves constantly in tune with the world around us, always educating ourselves and our customers. This helps us present the most innovate and forward thinking ideas.


Ideation | Our New Product Development team is here to help drive the creative and innovative product ideas. This team works with marketing and directly with customers to gain valuable information that will help them brainstorm, sketch and develop valuable concepts that become the products you use in your home.


Modeling | After ideation and sketch development, our team moves to computer modeling. This helps us realize what the product will actually look like from all sides and give our customers a better idea of what the product will look and feel like once manufactured. This also helps us define how much liquid a product can hold.


Operations | Our talented team of engineers turns the designer’s vision into reality. They use the drawings and computer models done by the New Product Development team to create mould drawings. This team makes sure every detail is in place to make sure the weight of the glass, capacity of the finished piece and aesthetic particulars come out just right.