2012 New Products

Posted by CR on Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

We are so very excited to introduce to you our New Product line up for 2012!


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The First Meatloaf...

Posted by CR on Friday, September 16th, 2011

Dear Blog Reader,

I am a young married person, who rarely finds time to cook. My cupboard somtimes contains the staples for baking needs and seasoning. I always keep things like Ramen Noodles and PB & J supplies handy.

When I do actually try to cook, I try to make things too complicated, in an endless attempt to impress the guests. Sometimes, this concept flops leaving me to call the nearest takeout restaraunt availble.

While talking to a friend about favorite dishes, I came to a realization last weekend. I have never made a meatloaf.

The meatloaf seems to be a food that almost every woman in my family makes. It makes many servings so you can reheat it all week. Meatloaf tastes great left over, and you can put just about anything in it. So with all of these positive things to say about meatloaf, why haven't I baked one?

So let's solve this problem of being meatloafless, shall we?

Step 1: Get a glass loaf dish (Glass bakes evenly, food doesn't tend to stick to it,  and heck - it allows you to take great pictures of your food).

*Image Courtesy of CR
Get your own glass loaf pan on our online store

Step 2: Get a recipe. I sent a tweet to one of our favorite food writers, Cynthia O'Connor O'Hara, The Harried Housewife (she does on-air cooking spots and a column for NBC-WKTV News Channel 2 - Utica, NY).

*Recipe Courtesy of The Harried Housewife
Notes in red from CR

Step 3: Take inventory of the kitchen, then go to the grocery to buy everything because your kitchen cupboard is looking like a desert island.

Step 4: MAKE IT.

*Wash those hands!

*Preheat that oven to 350 degrees farenheit guys and gals! (FYI: Anchor Hocking bakeware can be used in ovens up to 425)

*Image Courtesy of CR
Click for more information on glass bakeware safety

*In a large bowl, combine ground beef, pork, bread crumbs, onion, milk, eggs, salt, pepper, and parsley.

*Image Courtesy of CR
Get Anchor Hocking glass measuring cups and kitchen storage via our online store

*Mix well. I of course always use glass mixing bowls. Always use a non-metal mixing utensil, or your hands. I went for the hand option, because my mother told me to. I would like to put it on the record that "I regret this 'hand mixing' experience entirely."

*Image Courtesy of CR
I used our
Square Serving Bowl but we also have Round Mixing Bowls on the online store.

*Pat the mixture into your loaf pan. Don't be afraid of smushing it into those corners, glass bakes very evenly.


*Pop that beatiful meatloaf into the oven for 45 minutes (should be preheated to 350 by now).

*Get to making the tangy sauce for the top! Mix your ketchup, mustard and brown sugar together.

*Image Courtesy of CR
I made the sauce in one of our 7-Cup Round Storage Bowls. This product comes in handy a lot when you have some down time in cooking. Just throw on the lid and even refrigerate or freeze if need be.

*When your 45 minutes are up put a soft pot holder, silicon trivet or towels out on the counter.

*Put the meatloaf dish onto your soft, dry surface.

*Pour the sauce you created onto the top.

*Return the dish to the oven for about 15 more minutes.


*Image Courtesy of CR

Serve up your beautiful meatloaf, it should make about 8 servings. I served myself, my husband and my best friend, then put the rest into little Anchor Hocking glass storage containers for lunches and dinners.

*Image Courtesy of CR

**Side note: I also whipped up some caramelized carrots to go with it. Delicious combo.

I'm sure you're dying to know what we drank with it too, right? We each had a glass of Relative from Joel Gott vinyards, which we drank out of Stölzle stemware.

*Image Courtesy of CR

The Harried Housewife I putting together a new recipe book! You should keep your eyes peeled for it! She is such a joy to talk to about food, we are just sure you'll love her! This meatloaf recipe will also be in the book!

Keep tabs on The Harried Housewife:
Twitter: @harriedhswife

Want to share a recipe with us? We might just make it!

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We Love My Sugar Pie

Posted by CR on Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Anchorware Everywhere

*Image Courtesy of
My Sugar Pie

We've been very busy around here at Anchor Hocking, but finally found time to write about our new favorite bakery! We just adore My Sugar Pie, a sweet delight that hails from Zionsville, Indiana.

"The ‘My Sugar Pie’ pie list includes more than 40 different pies--all handmade, with a light, crispy crust that is from owner Kelly Maucere’s mother’s original recipe."  

*Image Courtesy of My Sugar Pie  

What do we love most about My Sugar Pie? They are green fanatics! They sell their pies in Anchor Hocking glass pie dishes, and give you $1.00 off if you return it to their bakery when you get your next pie. Excellent idea My Sugar Pie!   "Anchor Hocking has been selling high quality glass pie plates for over 100 years. We use only these plates because they are recyclable, produce a high-quality crust, and overall healthy, better-tasting pie. You can recycle this glass plate by returning it to My Sugar Pie for $1.00 off your next pie order!"  

*Image Courtesy of My Sugar Pie

  When in Zionsville, or anywhere near there, make the voyage to My Sugar Pie, enjoy their heirloom pies and the oh so chic store. While you're their you can pick up an adorable shirt with their logo on it or even some Anchorware for your kitchen! They carry a variety of goodies from Anchor Hocking, including our TrueSeal line as well as our batter bowls and measuring cups.  

*Image Courtesy of My Sugar Pie  

Planning a party and not so confident in your pie making skills? Order one and they'll ship it to you! Pies are shipped Monday and Tuesday. So be sure to place your pie order one week before the day of shipment.   We hope you enjoy getting to know My Sugar Pie as much as we have, they are a true gem.  

Visit them:  

On Foot
My Sugar Pie
40 East Pine Street
Zionsville, IN 46077  



Anchor Hocking Webteam  

Stay in touch:        


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Holiday Baking Safety Tips

Posted by CR on Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010



Media Contact: Dace de la Foret Paul Werth Associates 614-224-8114, ext. 235    


Anchor Hocking releases holiday baking safety tips

Continues Tradition of Commitment to Consumer Safety

LANCASTER, Ohio (Dec. 22, 2010) – Anchor Hocking is highlighting its 105-year commitment to safety in the kitchen by providing baking safety tips for consumers. The guidance, designed to ensure that consumers are careful when using Anchor Hocking cookware and bakeware, helps cooks get the most out of their experience with food over the holidays and beyond.

“Our longstanding history as a household name brings us pride and a real sense of responsibility,” said Barbara Wolf, senior manager of marketing communications. “We encourage our customers to share these tips with their friends, as a helpful reminder about how to safely use our Anchor Hocking glassware products for years to come.”

The safety tips include:

· Never place hot bakeware on wet or cold surfaces, including countertops and sinks.

· Never add liquids to a hot dish.

· Clean with plastic or nylon non-scratch pads or cleansers intended for glassware.

· Never place on stovetop or under broiler.

When used correctly, Anchor Hocking glass bakeware is the best in the industry for performance and reliability. Anchor Hocking bakeware has been used since the 1940’s, and it continues to be a safe and reliable part of American kitchens. A popular choice for baking today, it is superior to metal and silicone products because it does not alter the chemical composition or affect the flavor of baked foods.


Anchor Hocking has a consumer hotline 1-800-562-7511, extension 2478, to allow consumers to ask any questions about using tempered glass bakeware. Extensive care and use Instructions for bakeware are also available at



About The Anchor Hocking Company

The Anchor Hocking Company, based in Lancaster, Ohio, is a leading North American designer, manufacturer and distributor of glass tableware to the retail, foodservice, candle and specialty markets. Anchor’s product line includes glass beverageware, bakeware and storage containers; glass candle containers; glass products for lighting and other industrial purposes; floral glass; and specialty glass items. The Company employs more than 1,500 associates at manufacturing and distribution facilities located in Ohio and Pennsylvania. For additional information on Anchor Hocking and its products, please visit

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Tips for Success

Posted by CR on Friday, December 17th, 2010

Anchor Hocking has been manufacturing glass in the United States since 1905. Our longstanding history as a household name brings us pride and a real sense of responsibility.

Glass bakeware from Anchor Hocking has been a generational tradition with American families. We want to make sure that you're careful when using our dishes and getting the best experience out of your cooking.

Thank you to our loyal consumers.

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TrueSeal on QVC

Posted by CR on Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Who doesn't love being on television? Yesterday QVC aired a segment about TrueSeal - we hope you take a moment to check it out! While you're at it, buy a few sets!


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Scooped Up in Artistry

Posted by CR on Friday, June 4th, 2010

Anchorware Everywhere

*Image Courtesy of CR

While out and about in the Short North area of Downtown Columbus I stumbled upon some wonderful creations in Collier West. As usual Suzi West has presented an extraodinary display of collections and art objects to dazzle the eye.

*Image Courtesy of CR

This time I saw something that was most definitely Anchor Blog material. A female metal artist, Jan Barboglio, has a captivating assortment of creations. One of which is a casserole holder which comes with a piece of Anchorware. Barboglio's holder can be snagged for a mere $148.00, but is well worth it for the metal art enthusiast.

*Images Courtesy of CR

Make sure and check out all of the pieces that Collier West has to offer this weekend at the June gallery hop, or online at


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Non-Stick Makes Debut

Posted by CR on Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Anchor Non-Stick (Note: Not all products shown will be available in stores immediately) 

We've developed yet another fantastic product, Anchor Non-Stick Bakeware. This family of 3 products will hit the shelves January of 2010. 

Marketing Product Manager, Angela Deland says, "Our Non-Stick Bakeware is easy to clean and keeps food from sticking without the addition of fats and oils. It's the perfect piece for baking and serving."

The Non-Stick can soon be found on Meijer's shelves in 3 sizes - 3 quart bake dish, 8 inch cake and 1.5 quart loaf dish.

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Hey There TrueSeal!

Posted by CR on Tuesday, October 27th, 2009


TrueSeal is growing up so fast! We are proud to say that TrueSeal can now be found at Sur La Table online and in their catalog, also at Target online and in stores!

See our "they like us" page for more TrueSeal celebration.

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  • In November 2009 Anchor Hocking's True Seal was recognized by Good Housekeeping

  • In November 2009 Anchor Hocking's True Seal was recognized by Good Housekeeping

  • Woman's World gives a round of applause to True Seal in their November 2009 Issue.

  • Woman's World gives a round of applause to True Seal in their November 2009 Issue.

  • Homeworld Business creates excitement around Anchor Home Collections new line of Bamboo products in their June 2009 edition.

  • Anchor Hocking's Sigma Beverageware is given an Award of Excellence by HFN in April 2009.

  • Anchor Hocking is acknowledged for expanding beyond glassware by HFN in April 2009.


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