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Celebrate the 4th in Style

Posted by CR on Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Here at Anchor Hocking, we are always so inspired by the beautiful parties and decorations and goodies that our friends online are coming up with! We wanted to try our hand at creating a fun 4th of July gathering - chic and cheap.

*All images courtesy of CR 

Wondering what all we used to create this swanky little get together?
Well all of the glassware is, of course, Anchor Hocking Company. The balloons were around 5 dollars from
Party City, the beautiful red Gerber Daisies were also around 5 dollars from Kroger, and the vases were old wine bottles with the labels taken off.

What did we use as a table? Well that is a fantastic vintage trunk that this little blogger got for a steal at a local antique store, The Olde Shoe Factory Antique Mall. It was just our luck that it was blue and big enough to house all of the glassware and goodies!

My my! What is in that triffle bowl?
Layers of vanilla wafers, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and whipped cream (original style).

That adorable Montana Jar (64 oz) is full of Strawberry Soda! You could jazz it up with a little prosecco or champagne too!

We couldn't forget the cherry pie!
We also chose our fine Stölzle champagne flutes for an Independence Day toast! You ought to hear those babies ring!

Inside our 4-in-1 cake dome is a double layer chocolate cake with tons of decadent frosting, whipped cream and fruit decorations!

All together:
Food/drink cost under $30.00 (wine not included)
Decorations under $12.00 (trunk not included)
Anchor Hocking Company Glassware under $100.00 (this includes our Bakeware Tote Set, not shown)

*All images courtesy of CR


You can get the look too! Check out Anchor Hocking's Online Store to get everything you need to have a cheap and chic holiday party!


We would love to hear from you! Tell us all about the parties you're throwing - and we might just showcase it here!

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Store Your Stuff

Posted by CR on Wednesday, September 15th, 2010





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Tabletop Terrariums

Posted by CR on Monday, April 12th, 2010

Anchorware Everywhere

We've found our jars being used as terrariums! Will Kalif shows his readers how to create their own miniature landscapes. He has a special section where he focuses on using apothecary jars for smaller tabletop versions.

This is a pretty clever, affordable and space conscious idea.

We have a vast selection when it comes to storage jars. Whatever size space you have we certainly have the jar for you! Using our stackable jars would be a great way to grow several varieties and create a tower of terrariums.

You can easily transform any of our jars into your own terrarium creation using Will's helpful tips!

*Images Courtesy of Will Kalif

Thank you Will for all of your wonderful ideas and helpful advice!

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Photographer after Anchor's Heart

Posted by AK on Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Anchorware Everywhere

On March 8th we posted an article about an image taken by Brian Woodcock. We decided to contact him and see if there were any more images of Anchorware that he would be willing to share. Brian was generous, allowing us to post more of his photography along with a short biography.

We are proud to share Brian Woodcock's excellent work.

*All images courtesy of Brian Woodcock

A little bit about Brian.

From an early age Brian had a calling for photography with a desire to capture the images of his Northern Georgia upbringing.  While the range and type of photography has expanded, he still maintains his southern sensibility.  His photography for a range of clients, which includes advertising, corporate and editorial, preserves the unique style for which he is known.  Whether shooting people, food, objects or landscapes his passion for his work is evident in the results.  When not shooting, this Atlanta-based photographer enjoys personal travel and seeking out emerging artists and designers.

Take a moment to enjoy the rest of Brian Woodcock's work at

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Bestcovery Loves Anchorware

Posted by CR on Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Everyone loves a victory and today Anchor has three!

We’ve won three “Best Pick” awards from Bestcovery. Bestcovery explains their judging, “They utilize their knowledge, hands-on experience, and research, to determine the best products or services (up to five) that fit the specific need. Then they write up a concise, easy-to-understand review for the average consumer. Think of Bestcovery as the knowledgeable friend you turn to for buying advice."

Click on the links below to see the full reviews! 


Anchor Hocking Glass Refrigerator Storage Container
Awarded Best Glass Storage Container        


Anchor Hocking Heavy Base 1-1/2-Ounce Shot Glass - 12 P...
Best Espresso / Shot Glass    



Anchor Hocking Montana 1.5 Gallon Food Storage Jars
Best Specialty Food Storage Containers  


So, if you own one or six of these products be proud! You've got an award winning product. You might even want to run out and buy a few for your friends and family!

Thank you Bestcovery for acknowledging Anchor Hocking products!

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Apothecary Appeal

Posted by CR on Friday, March 26th, 2010

After reading "Solving Bathroom Storage Woes", NR shared with me that she uses Anchorware for bathroom storage too! Her approach is very classic and feminine with our small and large Apothecary Jars.

What's great about using these jars in the bathroom is that they turn cotton balls and hair ties into pretty little displays!

*Images Courtesy of NR

NR says, "I have my daughter's hair ties and my q-tips and cotton balls in Apothocary Jars.  I have nails and screws in our Emma Jars with metal lids (at home). At work, I put pens in the Coincidence Tea, tea bags in a Montana Jar, and flower with rocks in a little Stackable Glass."

After hearing this I barged into her office to take a mini photoshoot of all her Anchorware.

*Images Courtesy of CR


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John Kessler's "Tomolives"

Posted by AK on Monday, March 8th, 2010

Anchorware Everywhere

I am always looking for new and interesting things to do on Sunday afternoons. Recently, I came across this great recipe from Atlanta Journal-Constitution writer, John Kessler, for pickling tomatoes to make tomolives.

The online article by Angie Mosier, from Atalanta Homes & Lifestyles Magazine, included a photo by Brian Woodcock of pickled tomatoes stored in an Anchor Montana Jar and an Anchor Cookie Jar. Yet another great use for Anchorglass. I personally love both those jars for different reasons. The cookie jar has a classic shape and is all glass all American made in Ohio. The Montana jar has a great sealing lid and the polished metal is very stylish on your kitchen counter.

*Image Courtesy of Brian Woodcock Photography

1 quart green cherry tomatoes or quartered large green tomatoes
1/2 bunch dill (about 6-8 stems)
1 or 2 hot peppers, such serrano or habanero (if you are brave) sliced in half (optional)
1/2 cup cider vinegar
2 teaspoons salt
1 teaspoon freshly cracked black pepper
5 large cloves garlic, peeled and thickly sliced

Stem the tomatoes and pierce each at the stem end with a
thin chopstick or skewer. Place in a clean, heat-proof quart Mason jar.
Top with the whole dill sprigs and optional pepper.

Bring 11/2 cups water, vinegar, salt, pepper and garlic to a boil.
Pour the hot liquid over the tomatoes to submerge. Stir the dill and
garlic pieces into the jar a bit.
Cover and let come to room temperature.
Store overnight in the refrigerator.

*For a recipe like this that is basically spicing a vegetable - instead of using a mason jar, think outside of the box and reach for a large Anchor jar.

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Versatile Entertaining

Posted by HB on Friday, February 26th, 2010

Anchor Hocking has many products that are beautiful, yet versatile. Did you know that most of our Cake Dome Sets can be used as a Punch Bowl, or how about a salad bowl? These multi-function items save space in your cabinets and look beautiful on the table.

Trifle Bowls are multi use too! Try these great ideas; trifles, salads, centerpieces bowl, or add a candle and some marbles and you have a gorgeous centerpiece that you can change by the season or give as a gift.

Punch Bowls aren't just for punch any more. With the entertaining craze, we're all having large parties. Use your Anchor Hocking Punch bowl for tossed salads, potato salads and party snacks.

Storage Jars come out of the kitchen! Your Anchor Hocking storage jars are great in every room of the home.

  • Sewing rooms-buttons, ribbons, thread
  • Garage-nails, nuts & bolts
  • Laundry room-detergent, softener sheets, pocket change
  • Bedroom-jewelry, potpourri or change
  • Bathroom-cotton balls, soaps or bath salts

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Aunt Ruthie's Rave Review

Posted by CR on Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Check out Aunt Ruthie's review of our Montana Jar!

Aunt Ruthie's Review

'Reminiscent of the old apothacary jar, this container has an airtight metal lid to keep your food fresh and a wide opening that makes it easy to reach in with your hand or scoop." -Aunt Ruthie

She runs a fabulous blog called Sugar Pie Farmhouse, with thousands of followers. She has chosen to do a Blue Ribbon Review of our Montana Jars!


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  • In November 2009 Anchor Hocking's True Seal was recognized by Good Housekeeping

  • In November 2009 Anchor Hocking's True Seal was recognized by Good Housekeeping

  • Woman's World gives a round of applause to True Seal in their November 2009 Issue.

  • Woman's World gives a round of applause to True Seal in their November 2009 Issue.

  • Homeworld Business creates excitement around Anchor Home Collections new line of Bamboo products in their June 2009 edition.

  • Anchor Hocking's Sigma Beverageware is given an Award of Excellence by HFN in April 2009.

  • Anchor Hocking is acknowledged for expanding beyond glassware by HFN in April 2009.


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