A Touch of Earth

Posted by CR on Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Anchorware Everywhere

A Touch of Earth is a place of calm amidst the bustling North Market. A place where you can pull up a stool, set down your bags and flowers and have a cup of coffee or two. It is neighbor to Pastaria Seconda and Market Blooms. Not only do they sell coffee but teas and candies as well.

Why do we love A Touch of Earth so much? Well everything we had there was delicious, but they also keep all sorts of goodies in our Glass Stackables!  Perfect for them because you can see the contents and they have BPA free seals.

*Photos Courtesy of CR

Enjoy these photos from their quaint shop, and be sure to stop by!

Visit them:
On Foot
59 Spruce St
Columbus, OH 43215

Via Phone
(614) 224-7624

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Quench Your Thirst

Posted by CR on Friday, May 28th, 2010

I can't believe I've forgotten to share this for so long! It's been almost a month now since I stopped by one of my favorite places at The North Market, in downtown Columbus. I stopped by Bubbles Tea & Juice Company for the first time in quite a while and was pleasantly surprised to find that they have boat loads of Anchorware on display!

*Image Courtesy of CR

I was really at The North Market to pick up fresh flowers, but Bubbles Tea & Juice Company's tasty samples lured me in. In case you're wondering I wound up buying a delicious mango smoothie concoction.

The thing I love most about this place is the way they seal your cup. They use a special sealing process and provide a straw with a pointed end. You stab the plastic lid and you're on your way. This is perfect for The North Market shopper who is in a hurry or has their hands full.

*Image Courtesy of CR

Bubble Tea & Juice stores their ingredients in our Stackable Storage Jars with metal lids. They put a little placard on the front of each for contents description. They keep their look consistant and organized and have a fantastic BPA free sealing lid!

So if you're ever in Columbus, Ohio, make sure Bubbles Tea & Juice is one of your stops while exploring the downtown scene!

*Image Courtesy of CR

Want more Bubbles?

On Foot:
The North Market
59 Spruce Street
Columbus, OH 43215

By Ear:

Via Facebook

The Web

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Greenhouse in the City

Posted by CR on Friday, April 30th, 2010

Anchorware Everywhere

What a wonderful day to shop for flowers and other gardening goodies! The perfect place to find great plants in Columbus, is Baker's Acres Concrete Jungle. The Concrete Jungle is located in the Short North area of downtown Columbus. What a concept - amidst all the cement and metal and brick emerges a beautiful and friendly greenhouse!

"AK" told me I ought to stop by and check out what they were doing with Anchorware. So I popped in and found a variety of our storage jars being used as terrariums! They sell them empty next to literature, rocks, moss and delightful succulents. They use our Cookie Jar, Heritage Hill Jars, Bamboo Hourglass Jar and Glass Stackables.


*Images Courtesy of CR

I was quite pleased to see our wares, but even happier to see the creativity of the warm and inviting people who work there! 

Make sure to check out the blog on Monday - I'll have an article about glass terrariums as a wedding trend!

*Image Courtesy of CR

Visit the Concrete Jungle:

In person - 940 North High Street Columbus, OH 43201

Online -


Best wishes to my new friends at Baker's Acres Concrete Jungle.

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Tabletop Terrariums

Posted by CR on Monday, April 12th, 2010

Anchorware Everywhere

We've found our jars being used as terrariums! Will Kalif shows his readers how to create their own miniature landscapes. He has a special section where he focuses on using apothecary jars for smaller tabletop versions.

This is a pretty clever, affordable and space conscious idea.

We have a vast selection when it comes to storage jars. Whatever size space you have we certainly have the jar for you! Using our stackable jars would be a great way to grow several varieties and create a tower of terrariums.

You can easily transform any of our jars into your own terrarium creation using Will's helpful tips!

*Images Courtesy of Will Kalif

Thank you Will for all of your wonderful ideas and helpful advice!

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Stackables in the Pantry

Posted by AK on Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Anchorware Everywhere

We love how clever the mommy bloggers are, so we're always reading up on their latest tips and ideas. Today I stumbled upon one of our stackable glass jars with glass cover in Tiffany's pantry, from Nature Moms Blog.

These stackable jars provide a tight seal to keep food fresh. The best part about glass storage is that it is nonporus, nonleeching, and microwave, dishwasher, oven, and freezer safe.

*Courtesy of

We're keeping our eyes peeled for Anchorware out there. Stayed tuned for more Anchorware Everywhere updates.


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Stackable Fanatic

Posted by AK on Friday, March 12th, 2010

Anchorware Everywhere

*Images Courtesy of

Look at all those stackable glass storage containers! I can spend a whole day on a rainy Sunday reading or I find it amazing how often I find anchor products.

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Upsidedown Display

Posted by AK on Thursday, December 10th, 2009

photo by AK

I was grocery shopping around Christmas time at Kroger and saw this display they created. That's an anchor stacking glass storage container. I am always amazed to find anchor product being used in a variety of ways.

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  • In November 2009 Anchor Hocking's True Seal was recognized by Good Housekeeping

  • In November 2009 Anchor Hocking's True Seal was recognized by Good Housekeeping

  • Woman's World gives a round of applause to True Seal in their November 2009 Issue.

  • Woman's World gives a round of applause to True Seal in their November 2009 Issue.

  • Homeworld Business creates excitement around Anchor Home Collections new line of Bamboo products in their June 2009 edition.

  • Anchor Hocking's Sigma Beverageware is given an Award of Excellence by HFN in April 2009.

  • Anchor Hocking is acknowledged for expanding beyond glassware by HFN in April 2009.


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