Crafty Lady

Posted by HB on Thursday, November 11th, 2010

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Meet Marianne.

Posted by CR on Wednesday, November 10th, 2010



Marianne is quite the crafty lady, she uses Anchor Hocking products to create fun projects that are great for holidays and creative gifts.

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St. Nicholas Jar

Posted by MJ/HB on Tuesday, November 9th, 2010


Materials Needed:


White enamel paint

Red enamel paint

Cream enamel paint (face)

Green felt-heavy weight

Red felt-heavy weight

White felt-heavy weight

Velcro® circles (eyes)

3 bells

Masking or painters tape

Craft glue




Tape lid to create sections for red and white paint. Begin by painting the area between the tapes “RED”; allow to dry before removing tape to paint the white sections.

To paint the bottom jar, paint the first section all white.

Paint a 6” area of the second section white (this will be the front of the jar).

Paint the remaining “back” area of the bottom section red. Allow to dry.

Trace an area on front of the jar to make the face. Approximately 4” wide by 2” high. Paint this area with the cream paint. Allow to dry.

Add Velcro circle to make eyes. We added a small piece of white felt to the eyes to add personality.

Cut nose, mouth and mustache from template provided. Glue to front of face.

Cut mittens from template provided, glue to jar using the red paint line as a guide for placement, do not glue the front of the mittens to the jar.

Cut out gifts from template provided.

Cut four 2 ¾” x ¼” wide strips of felt to make ribbon on gifts (color of your choice).

To make bows on gifts-Cut three ¼” wide strips by 3” long. Fold each strip in half, glue tips to middle of felt. Glue strips together forming a star shape. 

Cut small square from felt, glue to middle of bow.

Cut holly leaf from template provided. Fold on the pleat, glue to the front of the jar, and add bells for color.

Lightly apply powdered blush to nose and checks!

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Snowman Jars

Posted by MJ on Thursday, November 4th, 2010



Materials Needed:

Anchor Hocking Montana Storage Jar -96 oz. item 96712

Anchor Hocking Montana Storage Jar-48 oz. item 96710

Marshmallows-5-6 large bags (or use white sugar)

Heavy felt

-1 black

-1 red

Buttons-3 large –color of your choice

Artificial carrot

Velcro® circles-1 package

Scrap fabric for scarf

Craft Glue


To begin:

Cut black felt strips for skis approximately 15 inch long by 1 1/2” inch wide.

Glue to bottom of large jar leaving 6 inches in front for skis and the remainder in back. Roll felt in front to form ends of skies.

Glue buttons to front of jar.

Fill bottom storage jar with marshmallows.

Cut 6 strips of black felt 5” long by ¼ “wide to make arms. Fan three on each side to resemble stick arms. Glue to side of bottom jar.


To make the snowman’s face

Attach Velcro® circles on small jar for eyes.

Glue carrot on front of jar for nose.

To make the mouth cut black felt 1/8 inch wide x 3 inches long, glue to jar.


To form Snowman

Place Velcro® circles around the top of the large jar and securely join to bottom of small jar.


Using scrap fabric; cut 20 inches long x 2 inches wide to make scarf, wrap around center of the jars.



Cut two strips of red felt ¼” wide x 8 inches long or paint dowel rod red and use in place of the felt.


Place ski poles into marshmallow and glue top of pole to one of the stick arms.


Fill top jar with marshmallows.


Top with lid to make hat.

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Reindeer Keepsake Platter

Posted by MJ/HB on Thursday, November 4th, 2010



Materials Needed:


1-13” Presence Platter

1-Dark Brown Felt Square-Antlers

1-Medium Brown Felt Square-Body

1-Tan Felt Square-Ears

1-Dark Green Felt Square-Bow

1- Small Red Bulb-Nose

!-Package Craft Eyes

2 Small Plastic Candy Canes for mouth

1-Bottle White Enamel Craft Paint

1-Foam Brush

3-Small Bells



  • Paint Presence platter with white enamel paint, it may take two to three coats.-allow to dry between coats.
  • Trace child’s foot on light brown felt and hand on dark brown felt-cut out.
  • Trace ears from template provided on tan felt-cut out.
  • Attach eyes, nose, mouth and ears to foot as shown.
  • Glue hands to back of foot to form antlers.
  • Glue foot to platter.
  • Trace four holly leaves from template provided on green felt-cut out and glue to bottom of foot to form bow.
  • Decorate with child’s name or the season as desired using press on letters or hand paint using a stencil.

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Rudy the Reindeer

Posted by MJ/HB on Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Rudy the Reindeer Jar


Materials Needed:


Anchor Hocking Christmas Tree Jar

Medium brown enamel paint

Red and white pipe cleaners

1 pair craft eyes-we used oval shape eyes

3 small red bells

1 medium red bell

Dark brown felt-ears

Tan felt-ears

Black felt-mouth

Craft glue



  • Paint jar with medium brown paint-let dry, may require two coats.
  • Trace ears using template provided-glue tan felt to bottom of brown felt.
  • Cut 1”strip of black felt to form smile.
  • Cut ¼” long strip to place vertically between mouth and under nose.
  • Glue eyes, nose and mouth to jar.
  • Glue ears to the inside of jar.
  • Twist red and white pipe cleaners together to make candy canes-you will need a total of ten.
  • Attach four together to form antlers, stagger heights-glue under the rim of jar lid-repeat on other side.
  • Glue remaining two candy canes  & bells to bottom of the jar.

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Thanksgiving Turkey Favor

Posted by MJ on Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Supplies Needed
 Anchor Hocking Presence Cruet
 4 Pieces of heavy weight felt - Orange, Yellow, Green & Brown
 Craft Glue
 1 Package of small Velcro circles

1. For feathers, cut four each of three colors 4" x 1/2"
2. Build feathers one at a time; alternate colors, leaving 1" between each of the three colors. Glue together at the bottom. Repeat three times for a total of 12 feathers.
3. Fan the four groups of feathers as shown; glue together at base of feathers
4. Velcro feathers to front of cruet
5. Repeat process above for tail feathers using 3 - 3inch, 3 2 1/2 inch and 3 -2 inch.
6. Attach with Velcro circle under the cruet handle
7. Using pattern, cut out turkey face and hat, glue together as shown. Glue candy eye in place.
8. Fold beak in half and glue one side on to the face.
9. Attach face to cruet lid with Velcro circle
10. Cut one additional 4" x 1/2" feather (color of your choice), personalize and add to feathers
11. Fill with candy and enjoy!

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Betty the Boo Witch Jar

Posted by HB on Wednesday, October 7th, 2009



Supplies Needed

  • 1 Anchor Hocking Christmas Tree Jar
  • 1 Bag Orange Raffia
  • 1 Small Block Craft Clay (nose)  
  • 1 Bottle Green Enamel Glass Paint
  • 1 Bottle Black Enamel Glass Paint
  • 1 Square Purple Felt (bats on rim of hat)
  • 1 Square Black Felt (rim of hat, bat, mouth, eyebrows)
  • 1 Set Craft Eyes (also could paint the eyes or use buttons)
  • 1 Foam Brush
  •  Craft Glue


  1. Paint lid of jar black-allow to dry, give 2nd coat
  2. Paint jar base green-allow to dray, give 2nd coat
  3. For the nose roll craft clay in to shape of the nose shown, (approximately two inches long), slightly shape like a hook-bake according to instructions on clay package
  4. For mouth and eye brows, cut two 1/8” wide by 4” long strips of black felt
  5. For rim of the hat cut black felt disk from template provided- click here for Pattern C - slide over plastic fitment
  6. Cut bats from template provided - click here for Pattern A & B


  1. Glue Orange Raffia to inside of lid to form hair
  2. Glue nose and eyes in place
  3. Use 4” strip of black felt, shape in V to form mouth, glue to jar
  4. Cut 4” strip of black felt in to two pieces to shape eyebrows, glue to jar
  5. Glue bats to lid and hair

Fill jar with candy and enjoy!

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Halloween Treat Jar & Centerpiece

Posted by MJ on Tuesday, October 6th, 2009


Supplies Needed
 2 Gallon Anchor Hocking Heritage Hill Jar
 1 Piece of black felt
 1 Package of orange tissue paper
 2 Styrofoam blocks
 3-4 Dozen thin dowel rods
 1 Bottle black craft paint
 1 Bottle orange craft paint

1. Cover inside of jar with orange tissue paper
2. Cut Pumpkin Face using black felt; glue to jar
3. Add candy corn to eyes and nose as accent if desired
4. Stand two Styrofoam blocks length wise in bottom of jar
5. Paint dowels rods equal amount of orange and black; let dry
6. Glue assorted candy on to dowel rods
7. Arrange candy uniformly by placing dowel rods in Styrofoam

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Pumpkin Scarecrow

Posted by MJ on Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Supplies Needed
 1 Anchor Hocking Pumpkin Jar 70 oz.
 1 Bag Raffia
 1 Medium Straw Hat
 1 Sun Flower
 1 Bag Artificial Leaves
 4 Pieces of felt-Colors of your choice
 1 Package of Velcro circles
 Craft Glue

1. Glue raffia to the inside the straw hat to form hair, cut the front for bangs
2. Turn rim of hat up in the front and glue to hat.
3. Glue sunflowers and leaves on the turned up rim
4. Attach hat to jar lid with Velcro circles (we used three circles one on each side
and one in the back)
5. Cut eyes, nose and mouth from felt, attach with glue
6. Glue leaves to bottom of jar
7. Cut one 3" square and one 2 1/2" inch square.
Glue Small Square on top of large square pinching middle to form bow tie. Glue
bow tie in place.
8. Fill with candy of your choice and enjoy

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Pumpkin Jar Floral Arrangement

Posted by MJ on Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Supplies Needed
 1 Anchor Hocking Pumpkin Jar 70 oz.
 1 Package paper basket filler
 1 Pack Floral Sticks
 1 Piece of Styrofoam (large enough to fit in bottom of Pumpkin Jar
 1 Roll green floral tape
 1 Package Paper Twist (color of your choice
 2 Pieces felt -2 different colors of your choice for flowers
 2 Dozen floral bead stick
 2 Leaf bushes
 1 Hot Glue Gun


1. Place Styrofoam in center of Pumpkin Jar
2. Place basket filler around Styrofoam (to hide the Styrofoam)
3. Using petal pattern provided; cut out desired amount of petals for flowers using
paper twist paper. The Pumpkin shown has five flowers or approximately 20
petals per flower.
4. Cover end of floral pick with 1/2" wide x 2 inch long piece of Raffia paper to
form center of flower, secure with wire pick by wrapping around two complete
times. Keep remaining wire free to secure flower once completed.
5. Glue petals to floral craft stick by going completely around the stick to form a
6. Continue to add rows of petal until you are happy with the fullness; remember to
secure the flower with the wire at the completion.
7. To make white flower, cut felt strip 4inches long, cut one edge of felt to look like
fringe, wrap around stick and secure with wire, wrap with floral tape. The floral
stick will appear in the center.
8. To make felt flower: Follow pattern to cut circle, poke a small hole in the center,
insert floral wire stick and floral bead stick (keep wire down) crimp circle; wrap
with wire aroundunderside to form flower. Wrap stick with floral tape.
9. Cut leaves with stems from bush, trim to desire length to insert in Styrofoam.
10. Arrange flowers largest to small
11. Accent with floral beads Pumpkin Cover Glue leave and petals around stem of lid.

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Snowman Hurricane

Posted by MJ on Sunday, October 4th, 2009






Anchor Hocking 25oz. Hurricane 89154
White enamel glass paint 1 foam brush 1 piece black felt (mouth & eyes)
1 Piece orange felt (nose) 1 piece of felt for mittens (color of your choice)
1 Raft stick 4 1/2" x 3/8" x 1/12" (broom)
Remnant fabric (scarf)

1.Paint glass hurricane by dabbing white paint to surface.
2.Let first coat dry for approximately 1 hour; apply second coat of paint.
3.Let dry thoroughly Paint craft stick black. Allow to dry.
4.Cut fabric for scarf approximately 26" long by 2" wide. Fray bottom edge of material to create fringe. Fold scarf in half and wrap around hurricane approximately 5" from bottom.
5.Glue large black circles on face on to create eyes.
6.Cut carrot shape from orange felt for nose; apply wide end of nose to face allowing the tip to point to side.
7.For the mouth, cut thin piece of black felt approximately 3 1/2" long.
8.Glue smile to face; add small black circles as seen in photo.
9.Glue buttons on front (use shape and color of your choice)
10.Cut mittens from felt (color of your choice) add fringe from scarf material if desired. Glue mittentabs to sides.
11.Tie small pieces of raffia to end of painted craft stick to create the broom. Glue broom under glove.
12.Add votive or small candle to illuminate.


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Piggy Banks

Posted by MJ on Friday, October 2nd, 2009

1 Anchor Hocking Cracker Jar (1 gallon or 2 quart size)
1 Bottle Enamel Craft Paint (intended for painting glass) select color of your choice.
1 Piece felt (Ears) Choose color to match color of jar
1 Piece Black felt (mouth)
2 Small Velcro circles for eyes
4 Large Velcro circles for feet (paint to match color of pig)
1 White pipe cleaner (paint to match color of pig)
1 Pack of stick on flowers or other motif of your choice; this is optional
1 Foam brush

1.To begin, start with making the coin slot in the lid. Place lid flat on sturdy surface. Beginning in the center of the lid; draw three 1 ½ inch lines, approximately 1/8” apart. Score the center line with craft knife; this will puncture the aluminum lid enough that it can be pushed through the other side folding back to meet the other to lines. Smooth the surface of the back side with knife to eliminate sharp edges.
2.Using the foam brush; paint lid and jar with color of your choice. We found it best when painting the glass to dab the paint on versus using brush strokes. Do not paint the glass rim where the lid is screwed to the jar. Allow jar to dry between coats. We found three coats worked well.
3.Once dry; you are ready to put the face on the pig! We suggest placing the lid tightly on the jar and marking the face with pencil before gluing on face pieces. This will insure that the face is straight when the lid is screwed on the jar. Be creative! Not all pigs look alike some have eye lashes while others have rosy checks.
4.To apply ears glue to outside edge of lid. See ear template.
5.For the tail-Paint a 3” piece of pipe cleaner to match the color of your pig. Once dry, twist the pipe cleaner around a pencil to curl the tail; glue the tail on opposite end of jar opening.
6.Apply large painted circles to bottom of each side of the jar for the feet. Apply decals randomly on the painted surface of the glass jar.
7.If making a “boy” pig and a bowtie is desired. Cut a piece of felt 4 ½ inches x 2 ½ inches, crimp in the middle and secure with matching or complementing felt or fabric. Glue under the lid to the jar.
8.Use this jar to create other banks too! We suggest bears, cats, dogs and even an elephant use your imagination.


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  • In November 2009 Anchor Hocking's True Seal was recognized by Good Housekeeping

  • In November 2009 Anchor Hocking's True Seal was recognized by Good Housekeeping

  • Woman's World gives a round of applause to True Seal in their November 2009 Issue.

  • Woman's World gives a round of applause to True Seal in their November 2009 Issue.

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