Your Home Floral Style

Posted by Bloomtastic Florists on Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Every home has a style, it’s very own personality that needs to be showcased!  Indulge your home’s persona  by tailoring the flower arrangements to suit.  Below are five home styles and the perfect arrangements for each.    


Americana Country  

(Image from Society of American Florists)

This style has become a phenomenon in it’s own right. Motifs include artifacts from the past - such as quilts, galvanized metal bowls and wooden crates. The result is comfort that is easy and inviting. Woven baskets or simple vases of mixed spring flowers (yarrow, wild roses, scabiosa, heather) fit perfectly on a coffee table or kitchen counter. Cut flowers, blooming plants, herbs, wreaths and swags with that farm-fresh look are a natural extension of this homespun décor with their fresh-picked-from-the-garden appeal.        

Casual Chic 

(Image from Society of American Florists)

Casual living lifestyles focus on the simple pleasures of life. The decor includes furniture of light pine, natural woods, bleached oak or a white-washed painted finish with fabrics of linen and cotton in neutral tones. Because these homes are designed for "stress busting," flowers provide nature's balancing formula. The right match might include flowering and green plants (like cyclamen, kalanchoe, pothos or ivy) casually grouped, or flowers (such as sunflowers, daisies, hydrangea, delphinium or tulips) placed in a clear glass vase, pitcher or piece of pottery.


(Image from Society of American Florists)

This home has formal architecture with impressive front doors, foyers and individually decorated rooms. Design elements include classic furnishings and antiques with elegant fabrics of brocade, silk and tapestry. Traditional arrangements call for a mixture of flowers (roses, gladiola, iris, carnations, lilies or snapdragons, to name a few) and accents such as dried fruit and foliage. Crystal, brass, silver or porcelain containers are ideal for the classic floral centerpiece.


(Image from Society of American Florists)

Sleek and trendy, the modern home calls for clean lines, smooth surfaces and form. Elegant fabrics, colorful silks, gauze or leather accent steel, glass and other man-made materials. Bold, exotic flowers (anthuriums, heliconia, callas, orchids) with strong lines work well to complement this home's clean, open spaces. To complete the dramatic look, flowers are best displayed in glass vases, decorative pottery and metallic containers with pewter or stainless steel finishes.



(Image from Society of American Florists)

Velvets, satins, chintz, lace and organza create a feeling of softness and romance in the Victorian home. Pastel colors or soft tone-on-tone prints are used to delight the senses. Fragrant flowers (roses, spray roses, peonies, lavender, gardenias, freesia) in pale peach, lavender, pink, yellow and cream conjure images of romance and sensuality. All of these delicious colors glow in lovely, romantic vases of clear glass, crystal and silver.


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