Flower Power

Posted by CR on Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Heather Waits, Owner
Bloomtastic Florists
Flower Design 101: What’s Your Personal Style?
When you call a professional florist, it sounds like they are talking a foreign language; high style, modern, tussie-mussie, roundy-moundy…what does that mean?!?!?! Use this guide to learn the different styles so you can order and even arrange your own flowers like a pro.
Basket Arrangement
Basket arrangements are traditional and casual, often even with a touch of country flair. Can be a low or tall arrangement, this style also makes for a nice centerpiece for the kitchen table.
Bud Vase Arrangement
Tall and thin, this arrangement is a great and inexpensive way to demonstrate your affection for someone, be it friendship or more. Simplistic in style, this arrangement can have just one flower or multiple.
Elegant and Sophisticated/Formal Arrangement
Grand and striking, this arrangement is tall and robust, flourishing with many flowers. Often used as a foyer centerpiece or for altar arrangements at a church.
Garden Style Arrangement
With their fresh picked from Grandma’s garden feel, this more traditional style is well suited for any flower lover and perfect for any style home. Lots of flowers and lush greenery is used for this style.
This artistic display is modern and sophisticated and incorporates the negative space in the design as well as the flowers. Typical arrangement is tall with few flowers, but often unique and uncommon.
This style has a historical past of being carried by brides during the Victorian era and is one of the modern day’s most popular styles. This compact gathering of flowers typically is not accompanied by any greenery and the stems are bound together. It can also be called a roundy-moundy design when styled more traditionally.

Low and compact, this arrangement has become the poster child for the 21st century flower arrangements. A tight gathering of flowers, usually without greenery, is placed into a low vase for a very clean and simple look.

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