Betty the Boo Witch Jar

Posted by HB on Wednesday, October 7th, 2009



Supplies Needed

  • 1 Anchor Hocking Christmas Tree Jar
  • 1 Bag Orange Raffia
  • 1 Small Block Craft Clay (nose)  
  • 1 Bottle Green Enamel Glass Paint
  • 1 Bottle Black Enamel Glass Paint
  • 1 Square Purple Felt (bats on rim of hat)
  • 1 Square Black Felt (rim of hat, bat, mouth, eyebrows)
  • 1 Set Craft Eyes (also could paint the eyes or use buttons)
  • 1 Foam Brush
  •  Craft Glue


  1. Paint lid of jar black-allow to dry, give 2nd coat
  2. Paint jar base green-allow to dray, give 2nd coat
  3. For the nose roll craft clay in to shape of the nose shown, (approximately two inches long), slightly shape like a hook-bake according to instructions on clay package
  4. For mouth and eye brows, cut two 1/8” wide by 4” long strips of black felt
  5. For rim of the hat cut black felt disk from template provided- click here for Pattern C - slide over plastic fitment
  6. Cut bats from template provided - click here for Pattern A & B


  1. Glue Orange Raffia to inside of lid to form hair
  2. Glue nose and eyes in place
  3. Use 4” strip of black felt, shape in V to form mouth, glue to jar
  4. Cut 4” strip of black felt in to two pieces to shape eyebrows, glue to jar
  5. Glue bats to lid and hair

Fill jar with candy and enjoy!

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