Rudy the Reindeer

Posted by MJ/HB on Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Rudy the Reindeer Jar


Materials Needed:


Anchor Hocking Christmas Tree Jar

Medium brown enamel paint

Red and white pipe cleaners

1 pair craft eyes-we used oval shape eyes

3 small red bells

1 medium red bell

Dark brown felt-ears

Tan felt-ears

Black felt-mouth

Craft glue



  • Paint jar with medium brown paint-let dry, may require two coats.
  • Trace ears using template provided-glue tan felt to bottom of brown felt.
  • Cut 1”strip of black felt to form smile.
  • Cut ¼” long strip to place vertically between mouth and under nose.
  • Glue eyes, nose and mouth to jar.
  • Glue ears to the inside of jar.
  • Twist red and white pipe cleaners together to make candy canes-you will need a total of ten.
  • Attach four together to form antlers, stagger heights-glue under the rim of jar lid-repeat on other side.
  • Glue remaining two candy canes  & bells to bottom of the jar.

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