St. Nicholas Jar

Posted by MJ/HB on Tuesday, November 9th, 2010


Materials Needed:


White enamel paint

Red enamel paint

Cream enamel paint (face)

Green felt-heavy weight

Red felt-heavy weight

White felt-heavy weight

Velcro® circles (eyes)

3 bells

Masking or painters tape

Craft glue




Tape lid to create sections for red and white paint. Begin by painting the area between the tapes “RED”; allow to dry before removing tape to paint the white sections.

To paint the bottom jar, paint the first section all white.

Paint a 6” area of the second section white (this will be the front of the jar).

Paint the remaining “back” area of the bottom section red. Allow to dry.

Trace an area on front of the jar to make the face. Approximately 4” wide by 2” high. Paint this area with the cream paint. Allow to dry.

Add Velcro circle to make eyes. We added a small piece of white felt to the eyes to add personality.

Cut nose, mouth and mustache from template provided. Glue to front of face.

Cut mittens from template provided, glue to jar using the red paint line as a guide for placement, do not glue the front of the mittens to the jar.

Cut out gifts from template provided.

Cut four 2 ¾” x ¼” wide strips of felt to make ribbon on gifts (color of your choice).

To make bows on gifts-Cut three ¼” wide strips by 3” long. Fold each strip in half, glue tips to middle of felt. Glue strips together forming a star shape. 

Cut small square from felt, glue to middle of bow.

Cut holly leaf from template provided. Fold on the pleat, glue to the front of the jar, and add bells for color.

Lightly apply powdered blush to nose and checks!

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