Snowman Jars

Posted by MJ on Thursday, November 4th, 2010



Materials Needed:

Anchor Hocking Montana Storage Jar -96 oz. item 96712

Anchor Hocking Montana Storage Jar-48 oz. item 96710

Marshmallows-5-6 large bags (or use white sugar)

Heavy felt

-1 black

-1 red

Buttons-3 large –color of your choice

Artificial carrot

Velcro® circles-1 package

Scrap fabric for scarf

Craft Glue


To begin:

Cut black felt strips for skis approximately 15 inch long by 1 1/2” inch wide.

Glue to bottom of large jar leaving 6 inches in front for skis and the remainder in back. Roll felt in front to form ends of skies.

Glue buttons to front of jar.

Fill bottom storage jar with marshmallows.

Cut 6 strips of black felt 5” long by ¼ “wide to make arms. Fan three on each side to resemble stick arms. Glue to side of bottom jar.


To make the snowman’s face

Attach Velcro® circles on small jar for eyes.

Glue carrot on front of jar for nose.

To make the mouth cut black felt 1/8 inch wide x 3 inches long, glue to jar.


To form Snowman

Place Velcro® circles around the top of the large jar and securely join to bottom of small jar.


Using scrap fabric; cut 20 inches long x 2 inches wide to make scarf, wrap around center of the jars.



Cut two strips of red felt ¼” wide x 8 inches long or paint dowel rod red and use in place of the felt.


Place ski poles into marshmallow and glue top of pole to one of the stick arms.


Fill top jar with marshmallows.


Top with lid to make hat.

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