Reindeer Keepsake Platter

Posted by MJ/HB on Thursday, November 4th, 2010



Materials Needed:


1-13” Presence Platter

1-Dark Brown Felt Square-Antlers

1-Medium Brown Felt Square-Body

1-Tan Felt Square-Ears

1-Dark Green Felt Square-Bow

1- Small Red Bulb-Nose

!-Package Craft Eyes

2 Small Plastic Candy Canes for mouth

1-Bottle White Enamel Craft Paint

1-Foam Brush

3-Small Bells



  • Paint Presence platter with white enamel paint, it may take two to three coats.-allow to dry between coats.
  • Trace child’s foot on light brown felt and hand on dark brown felt-cut out.
  • Trace ears from template provided on tan felt-cut out.
  • Attach eyes, nose, mouth and ears to foot as shown.
  • Glue hands to back of foot to form antlers.
  • Glue foot to platter.
  • Trace four holly leaves from template provided on green felt-cut out and glue to bottom of foot to form bow.
  • Decorate with child’s name or the season as desired using press on letters or hand paint using a stencil.

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