Piggy Banks

Posted by MJ on Friday, October 2nd, 2009

1 Anchor Hocking Cracker Jar (1 gallon or 2 quart size)
1 Bottle Enamel Craft Paint (intended for painting glass) select color of your choice.
1 Piece felt (Ears) Choose color to match color of jar
1 Piece Black felt (mouth)
2 Small Velcro circles for eyes
4 Large Velcro circles for feet (paint to match color of pig)
1 White pipe cleaner (paint to match color of pig)
1 Pack of stick on flowers or other motif of your choice; this is optional
1 Foam brush

1.To begin, start with making the coin slot in the lid. Place lid flat on sturdy surface. Beginning in the center of the lid; draw three 1 ½ inch lines, approximately 1/8” apart. Score the center line with craft knife; this will puncture the aluminum lid enough that it can be pushed through the other side folding back to meet the other to lines. Smooth the surface of the back side with knife to eliminate sharp edges.
2.Using the foam brush; paint lid and jar with color of your choice. We found it best when painting the glass to dab the paint on versus using brush strokes. Do not paint the glass rim where the lid is screwed to the jar. Allow jar to dry between coats. We found three coats worked well.
3.Once dry; you are ready to put the face on the pig! We suggest placing the lid tightly on the jar and marking the face with pencil before gluing on face pieces. This will insure that the face is straight when the lid is screwed on the jar. Be creative! Not all pigs look alike some have eye lashes while others have rosy checks.
4.To apply ears glue to outside edge of lid. See ear template.
5.For the tail-Paint a 3” piece of pipe cleaner to match the color of your pig. Once dry, twist the pipe cleaner around a pencil to curl the tail; glue the tail on opposite end of jar opening.
6.Apply large painted circles to bottom of each side of the jar for the feet. Apply decals randomly on the painted surface of the glass jar.
7.If making a “boy” pig and a bowtie is desired. Cut a piece of felt 4 ½ inches x 2 ½ inches, crimp in the middle and secure with matching or complementing felt or fabric. Glue under the lid to the jar.
8.Use this jar to create other banks too! We suggest bears, cats, dogs and even an elephant use your imagination.


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