Snowman Hurricane

Posted by MJ on Sunday, October 4th, 2009






Anchor Hocking 25oz. Hurricane 89154
White enamel glass paint 1 foam brush 1 piece black felt (mouth & eyes)
1 Piece orange felt (nose) 1 piece of felt for mittens (color of your choice)
1 Raft stick 4 1/2" x 3/8" x 1/12" (broom)
Remnant fabric (scarf)

1.Paint glass hurricane by dabbing white paint to surface.
2.Let first coat dry for approximately 1 hour; apply second coat of paint.
3.Let dry thoroughly Paint craft stick black. Allow to dry.
4.Cut fabric for scarf approximately 26" long by 2" wide. Fray bottom edge of material to create fringe. Fold scarf in half and wrap around hurricane approximately 5" from bottom.
5.Glue large black circles on face on to create eyes.
6.Cut carrot shape from orange felt for nose; apply wide end of nose to face allowing the tip to point to side.
7.For the mouth, cut thin piece of black felt approximately 3 1/2" long.
8.Glue smile to face; add small black circles as seen in photo.
9.Glue buttons on front (use shape and color of your choice)
10.Cut mittens from felt (color of your choice) add fringe from scarf material if desired. Glue mittentabs to sides.
11.Tie small pieces of raffia to end of painted craft stick to create the broom. Glue broom under glove.
12.Add votive or small candle to illuminate.


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