Trend Watch - Vintage Birds

Posted by AK on Wednesday, January 20th, 2010





Recently, I was at a resale shop in the Columbus downtown area and found these vintage British bird book plates someone was selling and the notion of vintage birds got me thinking how that would be an excellent decorated glass.
Here are a few finds that caught my eye while I was looking up vintage birds. Looks like a few people are selling real vintage bird illustrations and nick knacks on Etsy. I also was amazed to find the number of retro styled vintage bird art that was being talked about on blogs.
Lastly, I was even more surprised to find that Anchor used to make Fire-King milk glass bird coffee cups. A few others and myself headed to the archives and found the actual glasses and from there I set out recreating these little gems. But, I thought I would share my inspiration and I will keep you updated on the vintage birds.

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