Halloween Treat Jar & Centerpiece

Posted by MJ on Tuesday, October 6th, 2009


Supplies Needed
 2 Gallon Anchor Hocking Heritage Hill Jar
 1 Piece of black felt
 1 Package of orange tissue paper
 2 Styrofoam blocks
 3-4 Dozen thin dowel rods
 1 Bottle black craft paint
 1 Bottle orange craft paint

1. Cover inside of jar with orange tissue paper
2. Cut Pumpkin Face using black felt; glue to jar
3. Add candy corn to eyes and nose as accent if desired
4. Stand two Styrofoam blocks length wise in bottom of jar
5. Paint dowels rods equal amount of orange and black; let dry
6. Glue assorted candy on to dowel rods
7. Arrange candy uniformly by placing dowel rods in Styrofoam

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