Pumpkin Scarecrow

Posted by MJ on Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Supplies Needed
 1 Anchor Hocking Pumpkin Jar 70 oz.
 1 Bag Raffia
 1 Medium Straw Hat
 1 Sun Flower
 1 Bag Artificial Leaves
 4 Pieces of felt-Colors of your choice
 1 Package of Velcro circles
 Craft Glue

1. Glue raffia to the inside the straw hat to form hair, cut the front for bangs
2. Turn rim of hat up in the front and glue to hat.
3. Glue sunflowers and leaves on the turned up rim
4. Attach hat to jar lid with Velcro circles (we used three circles one on each side
and one in the back)
5. Cut eyes, nose and mouth from felt, attach with glue
6. Glue leaves to bottom of jar
7. Cut one 3" square and one 2 1/2" inch square.
Glue Small Square on top of large square pinching middle to form bow tie. Glue
bow tie in place.
8. Fill with candy of your choice and enjoy

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