Pumpkin Jar Floral Arrangement

Posted by MJ on Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Supplies Needed
 1 Anchor Hocking Pumpkin Jar 70 oz.
 1 Package paper basket filler
 1 Pack Floral Sticks
 1 Piece of Styrofoam (large enough to fit in bottom of Pumpkin Jar
 1 Roll green floral tape
 1 Package Paper Twist (color of your choice
 2 Pieces felt -2 different colors of your choice for flowers
 2 Dozen floral bead stick
 2 Leaf bushes
 1 Hot Glue Gun


1. Place Styrofoam in center of Pumpkin Jar
2. Place basket filler around Styrofoam (to hide the Styrofoam)
3. Using petal pattern provided; cut out desired amount of petals for flowers using
paper twist paper. The Pumpkin shown has five flowers or approximately 20
petals per flower.
4. Cover end of floral pick with 1/2" wide x 2 inch long piece of Raffia paper to
form center of flower, secure with wire pick by wrapping around two complete
times. Keep remaining wire free to secure flower once completed.
5. Glue petals to floral craft stick by going completely around the stick to form a
6. Continue to add rows of petal until you are happy with the fullness; remember to
secure the flower with the wire at the completion.
7. To make white flower, cut felt strip 4inches long, cut one edge of felt to look like
fringe, wrap around stick and secure with wire, wrap with floral tape. The floral
stick will appear in the center.
8. To make felt flower: Follow pattern to cut circle, poke a small hole in the center,
insert floral wire stick and floral bead stick (keep wire down) crimp circle; wrap
with wire aroundunderside to form flower. Wrap stick with floral tape.
9. Cut leaves with stems from bush, trim to desire length to insert in Styrofoam.
10. Arrange flowers largest to small
11. Accent with floral beads Pumpkin Cover Glue leave and petals around stem of lid.

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