Glass Shape Terminology

Posted by NR on Thursday, February 11th, 2010

We wanted to help you understand all of the terms we use to describe the shapes of our ware. Below, in alphabetical order, are some common shapes provided by anchor.

All Purpose Wine:  Stemmed bowls used for a variety of wines as well as specialty drinks and desserts.

Beverage:  Used for serving iced beverages.

Brandy Snifter:  A short, stemmed glass with an oversized ballon bowl used primarily to serve brandy, cognac, etc, the distinctive large diameter bowl and small mouth opening ar intended to capture the brandy’s bouquet.

Cake Platter:  Can be either rimmed or coupe shape, with or without a foot.

Cake Set:  Typically includes a large platter or footed plate with a glass dome, ensemble can be comprised of mixed mediums, including glass, ceramic or metals.

Chiller:  A large container used for preparing, serving and storing a variety of juices and beverages, typically product has a cover or seal to retain freshness and may have a lip for pouring.

Chip/Dip:  Product often used for food presentation and entertaining, includes a bowl(s) suitable for dips, salsas or other condiments, with large shallow plate for serving  breads, chips, crackers, veggies.

Cooler or Iced Tea: Used for serving iced beverages.

Cordial:  Small glasses, stemmed or not, suited for serving after dinner drinks (liquers).

Cruet:  A lipped product, typically with a stopper to preserve freshness of contents, for dispensing vinegar, oils or other liquid condiments.

Dessert/Luncheon Plate:  Typically a flat or shallow couped shape plate.

Dinner Plate:   Typically a flat or shallow, rimmed or coupe shaped plate.

Double Old Fashioned (DOF):   Similar in style as the rocks glass.

Egg Plate:  A typical egg plate has egg shaped compartments for serving deviled eggs.

Flute Champagne:    Very slender stemmed bowl styling, this is the preferred shape as it allows the bubbles escape slowly from the wine.

Footed Bowl:  A versatile product for food serving or presentation as well as fruit or flower arrangements.

Fountainware:  An assortment of products for serving ice cream products, could include large and small footed sundaes, footed soda & banana split.

Goblet (or Water Goblet):  These stemmed bowls are designed to hold cold beverages with ice, and are used primarily for serving water with meals, could also be substituted for red wines.

Highball:  Slightly taller than and not as wide as a rocks glass.

Juice Extractor:  A small diameter, shallow dish, with a protrusion in the center, used to ream citrus fruits and retain the juices.

Juice:  Used for serving fruit or vegetable drinks.

Margarita:  These stemmed, wide diameter bowls are used for a variety of frozen drinks and even desserts.

Martini:  This “v-shaped” stemmed cocktail glass is used primarily for serving a wide variety of “straight up” martinis, can also be used for a other cocktails and even desserts.

Old Fashioned:   Same styling as a rocks glass.

Pasta Bowl:  Low profile and wide diameter,  typically coupe shaped.

Pilsner:  This product typically has a wide base or foot, is usually tall, narrow at the base, tapering to a wider mouth, this shape allows for a foam head to form.

Pitcher:  A large handle container with lip suitable for pouring, used for preparing as well as serving a variety of beverages.

Platter:  Can be oval, round, square, etc. used for serving or presentation.

Punch Set:  Typically includes as many as (12) 6 oz cups, serving ladle, large punch bowl with capacity range from 7 to 12 quarts, sometimes small hooks are included to hang the cups from the outside rim of the bowl.

Red Wine:  Stemmed bowl designed for full bodied wines that need to breathe to release or enhance the bouquet.

Rocks:  Usually a short and stout silhouette can also be referred to as on the rocks or old fashioned.

Saucer Champagne  A wider and shallow bowl on a stem, allows the wine bubbles to escape very quickly.

Serving Bowl:  Deep profile and wide diameter for food preparation as well as serving.

Soup/Cereal Bowl:  Bowl can be rimmed or coupe shape.

Tablemates:  A collection of products for tabletop service, which may include, salt/pepper shakers, vinegar/oil cruets, creamers, sugar bowls, butter dish w/cover or sugar packet holders.

Tidbit tray:  This product is usually reserved for serving or presentation of finger foods, candies, cookies, etc. is usually accessorized with metal posts to create a multi-tiered ensemble.

Tiered platters:  An assortment of different size bases as well as plates/platters which can be “stacked” to create a variety of combinations, usually for food serving or presentation.

Trifle Bowl:  A large footed bowl typically used for presentation and serving of desserts.

Tulip Champagne  A stemmed bowl which is typically tall and narrow at the base of the bowl with the widest diameter of the bowl being nearer the top.

White Wine:  Stemmed bowl usually smaller in diameter than those used for red wines, smaller diameter allows white wines to retain their chill longer.


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