After The Glass is Designed

Posted by CR on Monday, February 1st, 2010

We've created an illustration to describe our Lancaster facility.
Here we show a general description of what it takes to get our glass to you.

A Manufacturing
The manufacturing process involves several steps and talented individuals. Controlling the composition of the glass, the heat of the tanks and allocating the correct amount of outside materials is just the beginning.

There are operators, mechanics, specialists and other craftsmen which turn the molten glass into a piece of glassware. They do this with the use of press and blow molds. After the glass is formed it takes its journey down the lehr which cools the glass slowly and relieves stresses in the glass.
There are machinists who work in our plant making new parts and repairing old parts for our machines. There are also mold makers who make molds for the actual glass pieces, they also polish the molds so that the glass comes out shiny.

B Decorating
Screen printing and spraying are used to apply a decoration to the glassware in this department. Once the products are decorated they must pass through a decorating lehr to fire on the decoration. Once it is fired, the decoration becomes a permanent part of the product.

C Selection & Packing
Member of this department inspect the glassware for quality and appearance. They look at about 250,000 pieces of glassware each day, at speeds of 10-110 pieces per minute. They pack the glassware carefully in cartons, and transport it to storage.
Gauges and fitters are used to assure that the customer receives the proper dimensions and capacities.

D Shipping
Located approximately 3 miles west of our Lancaster plant, our distribution center is 900,000+ square feet. From here our wares ship all over the United States, into Canada and Europe.

*Not every project goes in this order, as not every piece of glass is decorated.
 Sometimes the order includes only A,C & D.



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