2010 Trend Colors

Posted by CR on Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

We like to stay up to date on trends and thought it would be fun to share with your our forcasts for 2010 Home Color Trends. Below is a small blurb from our color forcast for 2010 which we compiled in late Summer 2009.

Turquoise. Copper. Grass. Lilac. Storm. Neutrals.

The up and coming colors for 2010 are inspired by bold and recognizable hues from nature. Turquoise as the primary color, will be seen in varying hues often paired with the secondary color, copper.

All of these trend colors can easily be matched with warm earthy neutral tones.

As for color palettes, this year monochromatic and simple complimentary schemes are stealing the show. Copper is borderline red/orange so it can compliment both blues and  greens. Turquoise and storm would also make a great monochromatic duo.


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