Versatile Entertaining

Posted by HB on Friday, February 26th, 2010

Anchor Hocking has many products that are beautiful, yet versatile. Did you know that most of our Cake Dome Sets can be used as a Punch Bowl, or how about a salad bowl? These multi-function items save space in your cabinets and look beautiful on the table.

Trifle Bowls are multi use too! Try these great ideas; trifles, salads, centerpieces bowl, or add a candle and some marbles and you have a gorgeous centerpiece that you can change by the season or give as a gift.

Punch Bowls aren't just for punch any more. With the entertaining craze, we're all having large parties. Use your Anchor Hocking Punch bowl for tossed salads, potato salads and party snacks.

Storage Jars come out of the kitchen! Your Anchor Hocking storage jars are great in every room of the home.

  • Sewing rooms-buttons, ribbons, thread
  • Garage-nails, nuts & bolts
  • Laundry room-detergent, softener sheets, pocket change
  • Bedroom-jewelry, potpourri or change
  • Bathroom-cotton balls, soaps or bath salts

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