Plantlife in Anchorware

Posted by CR on Monday, March 29th, 2010

Everyone loves to spruce up their office.

An easy way to do this is bringing in a small plant or two. We've found that Anchor employees have some pretty innovative planter solutions. They love using Anchor glass because of its natural and eco-friendly qualities. Even more so, they love using things in new and different ways to create conversation and spur ideas.

Using two of our Contemporary Bowls for a planter. You could do this and put small decorative items between the small and large bowl, like rocks, buttons, scrabble pieces or vintage trinkets.

Two of our measuring cups used as planters. Perfect use for someone who has acquired a measuring cup but rarely cooks!

Retro Anchorware gets put to good use around the office, this one sprouting new life.
*Images Courtesy of CR

Come back soon - I'm sure we'll post more ideas for planting in Anchorware!

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