Wrangle Up Your Ribbons

Posted by CR on Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

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Creativity is on the rise. So many people are writing blogs about scrapbooking, painting, sewing, crafting, etc…

This crafty blogger, Lisa from Memory Makers, has the right idea to keep her loose ends in check. She makes sure nothing gets wasted by collecting all of her ribbon scraps in one of our Heritage Hill Jars!


The Heritage Hill Jar is a common subject in our blog because so many people find it useful. The best thing about Heritage Hill is that it is all glass so it matches every type of decor.

Lisa said in a blog post, "The large glass jar is another great discovery from Crate and Barrel. The jars come in various sizes and are perfect for those assorted pieces of ribbon that are too small to fit on a spool or ribbon card."

I wrote to Lisa letting her know that I wanted to talk about how she saves her ribbons in our jars. She was so sweet when she wrote back, sharing more pictures with me and telling me all about why she loves the Heritage Hill Jars! She says, “If you're a crafter you already know that crafters love to actually see their supplies.  These jars are a perfect storage solution because they're not only sturdy and roomy but also make for very attractive displays of assorted crafts supplies.” 

*Images Courtesy of Lisa Tutman-Oglesby
“I think they look great lined up together filled with loads of colorful goodies and they certainly help me keep my loose items and supplies better organized for easier access and use.” -
Lisa Tutman-Oglesby

Make sure to check out Lisa's current blog posts. She has fantastic craft ideas and adorable pictures of her process.

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