Free Coffee Thursday!

Posted by AK on Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

April 15th isn’t just the day your taxes are due, it’s also when you get FREE COFFEE! Take your own mug or cup to Starbucks on Thursday and receive free brewed coffee.

Check out their website for more details!


Be certain to take your Anchorware to Starbucks. We have plenty to choose from. Go classic with the Café Mug or hit the road with the tall tea mug with matching glass cover.

Let Thursday be the beginning of a new trend for you, take your own beverageware rather than wasting a paper cup and plastic lid.

We're also interested in seeing photos of your Anchorware at Starbucks! Take a quick picture and let us know via email or twitter. Just tag @anchorhocking in your tweet or send an email to We'll post these on our blog and facebook and give you a shout out!

Don't let this stop you from sending us pictures of your cool uses of Anchorware any other time. Feel free to share whenever you feel inclined!



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