Bakery of a Different Kind

Posted by CR on Friday, April 23rd, 2010

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One of the great things about the downtown area of Columbus, Ohio, is the diversity in establishments. A common stop of mine is the local Three Dog Bakery.

I love taking my black lab for walks in the Short North area and making a stop at this bakery. Upon going to the store, without her in tow, I took the time to realize that they actually use Anchor Heritage Hill Jars to store treats on the counter!

*Image Courtesy of CR

In this friendly shop you can purchase fantastic treats and toys for your pup or cat. For dogs you can purchase small treats by the pound and carefully crafted canine delicacies that look good enough for humans to eat. Take your dog with you if you please, they appreciate the visitors.

*Images Courtesy of CR

Our Heritage Hill Jars are great for this bakery because they are heavy and will not knock over. They also have a lid to keep treats fresh. Without a seal these jars make it easy to get what you want even with a dog leash in one hand.

*Images Courtesy of CR

Thank you Three Dog Bakery Columbus!

Check out Three Dog online at

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