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Posted by CR on Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Wedding Trends with Anchorware

As we all know everyone loves to save a penny or two, especially when it comes to planning your big day. The good thing is – homemade decorations and gifts are a huge trend in the wedding industry right now. What better way to show your love to your guests than to create a gift together for them?

*Image Courtesy of MadeByMavis
(Premade terrariums on Etsy in Anchorware: Glass Stackables)

Other trends that are taking the industry by storm are earthy, natural and green (the color and the lifestyle). Using plant life in unusual ways can liven up a room at any time of year. By purchasing a few affordable things you can create a relaxing and serene venue for your big day. Creating terrariums and unique plantscapes using glassware you can tag your wedding as eco-friendly, cost-effective and right on trend.


*Images Courtesy of MadeByMavis; High Street Market: Apartment Therapy
(Anchorware: Fountainsquare Jar, Elegance Serveware, Large and Small Apothocary Jars)

What you’ll need to create a terrarium:
Potting soil
Spanish moss
Plants (succulents work great and you can neglect them)
Stones (these are optional but add some extra character – hobby stores will have a wide variety)

If crafting and planting just aren't your cup of tea, don't worry we've found some people who can help you, we've listed resources below.

*Images Courtesy of Anchor Hocking; WarmCountryMeadows

Terrariums come in all shapes and sizes, and you can put them in just about anything. We’ve found some great ways to use glass for terrariums and a couple of ingenious ways to carry the trend all the way through your day.


*Images Courtesy of; Martha Stewart Weddings; ILOVED
(Using non-footed containers that are lower in height are great for decorating the bathroom or areas where decorations could get knocked over, tables with children can also benefit from such displays. Continue the moss and succulent trend by using them in bouquets and other bridal party accessories. This Etsy seller creates jewelry out of reindeer moss, glass, silver and copper, perfect for special guests or bridal party members.)

Terrarium resource:
Terrarium Man

Wedding resources:

Etsy terrarium lifesavers:

So go on - have some fun! Maybe even get the bridesmaids together and make cute or silly terrariums for the shower!

*Image Courtesy of Jennifer Perkins

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