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Posted by CR on Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Anchorware Everywhere

Anchor Hocking has been making glass since 1905, so you can imagine there are quite a few wonderful items out there that have become adored by antique collectors. One talented artist saw the need to help people show off their collections in a unique way, where they wouldn't be packed up into boxes in the attic or in a drawer hidden away. We found Lin Glore on Etsy at  Artful Folk.


*Images Courtesy of Artful Folk

I contacted Lin in awe of the excellent handiwork. She explained how her work began, "We all have family stories that have been forgotten.  Grandmom's dishes have been packed away so they don't become damaged, but they aren't appreciated, either in a box in the attic.  We don't use the special cuts in the glass, the textures, the rich colors too much anymore.  We don't have the precision and fine craftsmanship of well-done stained glass in the Tiffany style anymore, either.  These magnificent plates cry out to be admired.  To marry these two pieces of our past has become my passion.  To bring a bit of our heritage, our traditions to a new generation is rewarding and heartwarming."

*Image Courtesy of Arful Folk

Lin has some wonderful stories of her customer's commissioned works, "I met a woman at a show who was charged with the task of "door prizes" for her family reunion.  She had her grandmother's set of depression glass that her mother had packed away for safekeeping."

Lin created eight custom panels from the heirloom pieces. The family was moved to tears and spent the rest of the get together telling stories of days gone by.

*Image Courtesy of Arftul Folk

Do you have antique glassware that you want turned into something new?
Contact Lin:

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Don't have antique plates, but perhaps some other sort of antique glassware? No worries, Lin has a use for everything. This Ruby Red Tea Cup is given new life as a windchime.

Thank you Lin for sharing your wonderful talents with us! Best wishes!

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