We Heart Jadite Kate!

Posted by CR on Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

AK and I had the excellent opportunity to speak to “Jadite Kate” on the phone.

She started collecting glass before she went to college, about 5 years ago. Her collection started with Jane Ray pieces from Anchor Hocking’s Fire-King. Since then, her collection has expanded from a few pieces of ware to an Etsy store that is celebrated by collectors and other bloggers.

*Images Courtesy of Jadite Kate

Kate loves the colors of Jade-ite and the translucent mix between the greens of these vintage Fire-King pieces.

Restaurant ware is a personal favorite of hers as it is simple and holds up well. She uses Jade-ite as everyday ware, putting it to good use instead of collecting dust. Her kitchen cupboards are just chock full of dinner plates and Jade-ite mugs.

*Image Courtesy of Jadite Kate

She sticks to glass for her Jade-ite collection, although she does have a well preserved box that came with one of her deviled egg dishes. Many people collect old advertisements and packaging from Fire-King wares, but they are often difficult to find in good condition.

Kate’s 92 year old grandmother was the inspiration for her vast collection and charming Etsy shop. It all started with the Jade-ite batter bowl that her grandmother used, it was a Jane Ray pattern. Her mother is also a lover of glass, collecting Jeannette and Fostoria pieces. Three generations of women, all with a knack for classic glassware.

*Images Courtesy of Jadite Kate

We asked Kate if there were any heart-warming stories she could share with us. She brought up that she once had a customer who’s mother had received a specific piece as a wedding gift in the 1950’s. For years her mother was too afraid to damage the piece with use. The customer found a matching piece at Jadite Kate’s Etsy shop and purchased it. Now the customer’s mother can use the new piece and cherish the wedding gift without fear.

Some of Kate’s most common requests from her customers are batter bowls and Jade-ite mugs. Cups and saucers are often purchased as birthday and mother’s day gifts.

*Image Courtesy of Jadite Kate

Kate loves the “treasure hunt” aspect of hunting for these timeless pieces at antiques stores/shows and flea markets. She just recently went on a road trip to Brimfield, Massachusets to look for wares, which she talks about in her blog.

Want to hear more about Kate? Stop by her blog at jaditekate.blogspot.com!   You can also shop for Jade-ite and other fabulous vintage glassware at her Jadite Kate etsy shop.

We’re so glad we had the chance to talk to her and learn more about her experiences as a collector and seller of some of our most celebrated ware!

Thank you Kate for taking the time to chat with AK and I!

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