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Posted by CR on Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

The Ohio Glass Museum is located here in Lancaster, Ohio. Since 2002 they have been celebrating Ohio's tradition of producing both handmade and machine made glassware. They share the history of of glassware and the roll that Ohioans have played in its growth.

On May 15th an exhibit opened featuring Anchor Hocking and showcasing Gay Fad Studios. I attended the opening evening's event. Here I met former employees of Anchor Hocking, viewed portraits of I.J. Collins and other crucial leaders from the past and saw the very first sales record book dating back to 1905. The group from The Ohio Glass Museum did an excellent job collecting data, images and archival pieces of Anchorware.

"The exhibit will feature Anchor Hocking items from the morgue of the Anchor Hocking; collections of Verylene Summers, of the Summer House Antiques; our own museum archives; and a very few area collectors. These glass creations and other artifacts will tell the great story of Anchor Hocking's positive incluence on, and enormous contribution to, our community for the past 105 years." -- The Ohio Glass Museum

The show also displayed pieces of Gay Fad glassware, which is also from Lancaster, Ohio.

"Fran Taylor decorated wastebaskets and glass items in Detroit beginning in 1939. She moved her business to Lancaster in 1945 so it would be central to the glass industry. For the next 18 years Gay Fad Studios was one of the best known and most prolific glass decorating companies in the country. A large selection of items from Gay Fad historian and collector, Dr. Donna McGrady, of Indiana, will be featured in this exhibit, along with contributions of area collectors." -- The Ohio Glass Museum

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